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Your responsibility

Deliverable (Result)

Concept Evaluation and Critique


A form will be sent to you to complete giving us the basic premise of your work and other information required for the evaluation. Once this is completed, you will transmit the form along with the payment us.

TEEK press will provide a written evaluation of the merits and feasibility of your proposed work or publishing project. This includes any type of book, oral recording, newsletter, or other form of delivery anticipated by you or your organization.

Editing – Written Material


You will electronically submit the material as a standard word file, 8 ½ X 11 format, either 11 or 12 point font size, single spaced. All editing services must be prepaid.

Editing will be made directly into the document where appropriate and recommended changes or other relative information will be placed as comments within the document. You have the option of accepting or rejecting any or all of the changes.

Cover Design and/or Dust Jacket Design

TBD, usually

A rough design (drawn) or written concept will be provided by you, or you can start with a basic example and we can work with you from that beginning point.

A cover file in PDF, AI, and JPEG formats will be provided along with a full printout of the design. The file will follow the general guidelines for the book’s size and printer’s specifications. We will also provide an image of just the front of the book that may be used for promotional purposes and/or as required by some book wholesalers and distributors.


TBD by publication

size and style

You will provide a text file in Microsoft Word format and work with our staff to select appropriate font, font sizes, and general layout.

We will provide a PDF file of the publication ready to submit to the printer of your choice, or we can arrange printing for you. You will be responsible for final review and editing unless you select the optional editing services.

Printing of the Book

TBD based on the publication specifications and selected printer.

You will work directly with the printer once the arrangements have been made and all materials have been submitted and approved for publication.

We will solicit quotes from a group of printers with which we are familiar and trust (both in the United States and overseas) and provide comparative data to you for selection. Additional consulting services will be available as needed and billed accordingly.

Web Site Creation


You will work with our designers to select from a set of available templates for design, or create a new template (not usually recommended). Once the site is up and tested, you will normally be responsible for changes in the future.

We will design the initial site and all initial pages. We will upload your content and activate the site. We can also create graphics or other special images at your discretion.

Photos of actual book


You provide a copy of the book (either advance copy or first printing).

We will provide 6 shots of the book against a white or black background – your choice. This will include the following: front, back, spine, up angle, down angle, and one of our choosing based on the book’s specifications). These photos will be stored as JPEG files, transmitted electronically, and written to a CD for mailing to you.

General Consulting Services


Depends on requirements

Depends on requirements. All consulting services are documented for future reference.

Contact Information

Please use this form to contact us with any questions you may have about our services or other information. Normally we try to reply within two business days.

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