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TEEK Press is directed toward both individuals and organizations wanting to produce the very best that the publishing industry can offer. Although the focus is printed books, audio books can be produced as well. Consideration is given to any originally authored work that merits review for production and distribution regardless of the envisioned communication channel. However, at the current time, we will only work with those authors and organizations that are self-funded. To that end, we both publish and consult as independent representatives of the authors and businesses selecting our services.

For bookstores and distributors, please select the appropriate Menu choice to either place an order or to find additional information specific to your needs.

Individuals or organizations considering publication, will find several levels of services we can provide, ranging from consulting to publication. Just select from the Menu to find out more. For individuals wishing to directly purchase a book published by us or mentioned on this site, please go to the appropriate author’s web site. Normally a link will be provided for your convenience.

No hidden fees – just plain and simple!

You pay for only those services you want. There are no member fees, packaged discounts, services you may not want, or hidden charges. You will find a simple table of our services and related fees on this site. Obviously, some services must be performed in a chronological order. (We can’t give you printing quotes if we have not evaluated the material first, for example). However, each service is clearly explained including what you should expect as the result of that service or process.  

For more information about TEEK PRESS or to have someone arrange to speak with you, please send an email to: info@teekpress.com . TEEK PRESS is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

"Mastering the Published Word" is a trademark of TEEK Press
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